3:20 pm

the more things change

HER: Wow, that was a hairy bike ride! You know where the trail…

ME: You were gone?

HER: I told you. I went for a bike ride. I told you when I left. I told you exactly where I was going.

ME: I was coding.

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1:18 pm

idle surfing: what is tripe, really?

I was just wondering, and also how to prepare it? Is it like eating octopus? Will it ever pass these lips? (not likely)

*clickclickclicketyclick* and behold! Preparation notes from wikihow.com:

If you're not used to eating foods made from an animal's internal organs, the prospect of biting into a big pile of tripe can be daunting, but don't worry - with this guide, preparing a tasty tripe dish is a snap!

  • Beef tripe
  • Rock salt
  • Water
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Dead stop.




5:22 pm

end of summer

after dinner


fall leaves


pond bridge

New bridge over pond

There. Two pics from last week when we had dinner over at G&L’s house (salmon and quinoa and salad, very tasty) and one of the bridge-walkway I made to replace the rotting one I tore out on Monday. It is not actually spanning the pond right now, but come winter rains, it will.

It is a nice place to sit, in the early morning or late afternoon. I’m going to go sit there now.

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9:06 am

a sometimes bridge, part one

Pulling up an old wooden bridge, all decaying, crumbling. Cleaning out rusty nails and screws. Beetles, woodbugs, spidersspidersspiders, ants. Brush off, shake off. Stack wood.

They’re just bugs. Lean over, quick shake, spider’s in the grass now. Just frightened bugs. Run along now, bugs. It’s moving day.

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8:22 pm

adventures in cartography

the real map is bigger

Oooo, shiny!

At the beginning of the summer we started doing a fair bit of biking around the island, but mostly in the 707. It’s pretty close by, after all. I trashed my GaLTT map in a hurry, and in doing so realised I wanted more detail than those kind folks provide; specifically, I wanted to know which trails were pretty safe for biking and which I should be prepared to get off and walk.

I was on the Tin Can Alley trail when I resolved to make my own damn map. The salal was over my head. It was 27°C. I hadn’t meant to go that way.

The full map package can be downloaded here. It is a whopping 2.5MB, just so you know. Includes the whole map, in colour and black&white (for printing, if so inclined), plus six detail sections that display nicely on an iPod touch or iPhone or similar handheld.

I used GaLTT’s names for the trails they named, but after that I pleased myself. The division of bikable and not-really-bikable trails is subjective; no one is guaranteeing a thing, either about the state of the trails or the accuracy of my mapmaking. If you are good with that, help yourself.

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