8:37 pm

arbutus walkthrough

  • Wind before rain
  • rattles
  • leaves after blight.
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7:22 pm

in the river country

  • Frogs croak.
  • Clouds part before the moon.
  • Frogs croak.



12:50 pm

no wind

  • Snow falls
  • from the sky to the pond,
  • from the pond to the sky.



4:00 pm

kitchen shelves

This morning. Woke up. Made coffee. Found pencil. Found paper. Found tape measure. Made sketch.


Not to scale.

Then did math.


Not all the math is right.

Wandered out to Arbutus, where they let me, totally unsupervised and everything, cut up fir.

Found tools. Laid out boards. Fastened boards to boards. Tacked on backing. Hauled new shelves into kitchen, where they fit exactly into intended space.

the shelves

All done.

I’m feeling seriously goddess-like right now.

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6:02 pm

2014 incoming

Whatever shall I resolve this year?

Be nice as pie to Nola. This will probably involve making more pies, but it will be worth it. Today I took her out for a drive and teeny stroll on a level path out past Buttercup – the Kensington Lands area, I think. Cardhu came along for the experience and was pretty sweet about it not being a long walk. We also stopped at Brickyard beach and watched ducks and things foozle about in the water. It rained the whole time.

Eat more better. This is me right now eating an apple. See? Apple. Not potato chips. Ap. Ple. The thing about apples, is that they are much harder to eat while typing than potato chips. So I have put it down, but only for a moment. Really. It is actually quite tasty.

Plan ahead for big expenses. I have set up a separate savings account to store money I know I will need to pay stuff like insurance, property taxes, and other annual bills that want a large lump sum. I was just keeping it in regular savings and worrying I would forget and not have it when needed. This should help.

Walk every day, for at least forty minutes. I may not get far, but I should at least get outside and move along. Also, it keeps the dog young.

Finish what I start more consistently. I get distracted far too easily.

Is that enough? I think that is enough.

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