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real islands have hills

Little ones have more hills! It’s how they stay islands, as opposed to, say, undersea shelves.

I use mapometer.com to figure out where I’ve been and how I got there, since nothing I own includes GPS. If I want to go from the north end to Net Loft, I can go by either North Road or South Road, as we live fairly close to the post office, which is where those two roads diverge at the western (north) end of the island.

At first glance, South Road looks just the ticket: it’s almost a kilometer shorter and is practically a straight shot around the southern edge. With pretty views of the sea tossed in! When I tried biking this last year, I went just this way. I vaguely recalled it had some hilly bits, but I don’t often go to that end so my memory was a bit fuzzy. I took a selfie when I was almost to Net Loft, purely for documentary purposes; only my nearest and dearest have ever seen it, nor ever will.

Here is the elevation differences, as copied off from mapometer between North and South roads (click for full-size pics):

north road el

Grey section is Petersen Rd, crossing north to south

south road el

Low point is Brickyard Beach. You can stop there to call a cab.

Yeah, north is for sure the way to go.

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12:47 pm

what’s in my bag, rural rider style

I am deciding where I want to go today, and what I need to take with me, and this seemed as good a time as any to dump my rack pack on the floor and possibly thin its contents.

The bag itself is a rolltop Timbuk2, I don’t think it’s made anymore. It’s insulated, as it’s intended to carry cold things. There’s a bottle opener on the other side, for which sadly I have no use, except to attach carabiners and such to.


Timbuk2 rackpack, unrolled

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1:59 pm

language barrier

Wordpress nags and badgers its users to update it, when it doesn’t just update itself, and yesterday I caved and did updates.

(Notice anything new? Me neither, but I’m sure it’s improved under the hood.)

Because I was there, nosing around the backend following updating, which sounds dirty but isn’t, sadly, I idly glanced through the current admin settings and espied the one for setting your site’s language format, and lo! there is one for Canadian English. So I picked it and saved.

I had other things I wanted to do last night. Fix supper, read a novel, play with my cat, clean my nails. What I did instead was figure out how to go from Wordpress White Screen of No Input Or Output or Hope Of Salvation to a working site again. Well, the weblog part worked fine, it was just the admin part that was a complete clusterfuck from 0,0 to 6mil,6mil.

I shall cut this long, painful, and honestly dull story short: I remoted into my site's host via terminal and did unix. Herewith are the unix:*

mv [directory or folder name] [new name]

I first tried renaming the plugins directory, in case it was a plugin that didn’t like the new language setting, but as that didn’t work, renamed the newly created languages directory, to languages-not.

This did work. All looked fine once more. It wasn’t, but it looked that way. I looked at settings and saw it was now displaying “American English” & toddled off to my life, all innocent and unaware.

This afternoon, I peeped in, remembering the whole reason I had wanted to venture into adminland in the first place before I got sideswiped by updates and settings fooforah, and yes, the white screen was back.

"WTF?" I thought,"Could it possibly have reverted? Can a new thing have arisen? Am I cursed?"

I had failed to explicitly save the setting change back to American English.

So yeah, now I’ve done that. Hopefully will be no more hlepy doings in the backend. And I can get on with scrubbing my Links section.


* for posterity.

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7:32 pm

chore division and sad news

ME *upon being handed pillowcases from the line*: You’re supposed to fold them.

HER: I put away the clothespins.

ME: You say that like you think it’s an actual job.

 * * * 

In a more serious vein, gabriolan.ca has ceased to be, due to egregious fuckwittery on the part of someone who just could not abide Gabriolan’s using a pseudonym. The selfishness and arrogance of Insisting On Knowing personal matters which another private individual does not willingly choose to divulge are hallmarks of what kind of asshole, children?

Don’t be that person. There are already too many of them.

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9:15 pm

the bike I do all this biking on

This is my bike:

cleaned up

All clean & ready for close-up

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