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Nicola and Me

We're back. We lived. I've decided, after sleeping on it, that I might possibly want to do this river canoe thing again. If everyone is really nice to me and I get a wet suit and a PFD with twice as much floatation, that is. Around ten o'clock Saturday morning, approximately an hour or so […]
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Rivers Week

We're off early in the morning for camping and canoeing throughout the first weekend of Rivers Week in BC. Should be fun. Well, as long I'm not tossed into a raging freezing rapid and have to paddle my own self to safety. Nola assures me that the chances of that are minimal. She's lied to […]
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Well, is he?

Betty Bowers, America's eponymous internet christian satirist, wants to know Is Bush Gay? Enquiring minds, or something. It's a hoot. Go read it.
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Stripping in King’s Cross

By way of Junk for Code, a funny guest column in the Sidney Morning Herald this morn, C'mon Lucy, it's time we took back the strip. Here's a bit: I'm thinking of a kind of tabletop dancing venue where the dancers are men and women sit leering in chairs, stuffing cash down the boys' Y-fronts. […]
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New LeGuin Collection

Ursula LeGuin has a new collection of short stories coming out in July: Changing Planes. Harry Potter* be damned, I'm haunting the bookstores till I see this 'un. * Oh, bugger. Disclaimer: yes, I'm quite fond of Harry.
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