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Wallpaper from Nat’l Geographic

I've pretty much used up my mousing hand this evening, downloading pics from the Landscape section of the National Geographic Photo of the Day Archives (wallpaper). These are stunning pics, of course, and made available pre-formatted to fit either 800x600 or 1024x768. I downloaded about sixty of them before my wrist gave out, not to […]
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What do the Simple Folk Do?

(rummaging through Mirabilis) Lincolnshire, London, North Yorkshire... is everyone in Britain outside with a shovel these days?
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Paddles and Woodpile, Kelowna

canoe paddles & woodpile on front porch. pencil
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Compost Heap and Tree, Kelowna

compost heap & tree in the back yard. pencil
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Bushes from Kelowna

lilac bush pencil gnarly bush pencil
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