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Hard Drive Woes

I've never managed to wholly repair my external LaCie pocket drive's crunch from 4th August, so this evening and probably through tomorrow I'll be moving stuff around prepatory to reformatting it. Very annoying, and rather stressful. So I may end up offline for awhile.
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Hobbit Lust

Late last night, in clicking on links here and there, in a sort of free-associative kind of way, but not so much that I ended up anywhere near LGF or Fox News, I came across Inner Bitch, a thoroughly amusing weblog dedicated to whatever the hell they want to write about, and they pointed the […]
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A Neutral Nation

I was working my way toward this one yesterday, and instead took a nap. No more smiling on passport photos in Canada. Seems no one smiles at the Customs Man, so they're fed up with trying to match the cheery faces on passports to the glazed, bunny-in-headlights stares of returning vacationers trying desparately to remember […]
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Bring Out Your Dead

(I'm just feeling chatty right now.) In the news, probably yesterday's news or even the day before's, I do tend to leave browser windows open, anyway, there's a bit on a new registry that will stop junk mail and cold calls to dead people: Bereavement Register Canada is a free service that promises to remove […]
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Janis Ian and Patricia Snyder got married yesterday in Toronto. What is is with Toronto getting all the traffic? Hmph. Still, what with last spring's unpleasantness, I guess they could use it. Congratulations to happy couple!
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