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William Brown II

(Earlier entry) Where was I? Okay, Alexander Holmes has been singled out to stand trial on a manslaughter charge in an American federal court in Philadelphia for the death of one passenger. The captain's role in the original smash-up, the first mate's failure to assume command in the longboat (the only definitive order he gave […]
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Study Time

I've put together a new, separate weblog as a study tool for the citizenship exam. I'm not sure why anyone who isn't me would be interested, but I'm mentioning it anyway just in case. If nothing else, I'm amassing a handful of useful federal and local government links.
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The Flight of Fresh

Today I've a guest writer, Nola, with a bone to pick on the sad state of commercial baking: Last week I stumbled over an article about Tim Hortons, a Canadian icon. Tim Hortons makes donuts. Pretty good donuts, actually, freshbaked in the store, sold under the "Always Fresh" motto. And there's really nothing like getting […]
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William Brown I

I'm currently reading a book called The Wreck of the William Brown, a True Tale of Overcrowded Lifeboats and Murder at Sea by Tom Koch, a local fellow who's done a lot of newspaper and magazine writing in his time, and if you think the title's lurid, you should see the jacket cover up close. […]
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And the Winner Is…

I had intended to get out my virtual slingshot and take potshots at anyone whose collar buttoned rearwards and for whom self-flagellation is not in the least bit kinky, even when chanting, or perhaps especially when chanting, but the mail came today and I've had to rearrange my priorities: NOTICE TO APPEAR - TO WRITE […]
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