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Not Even a Wedding Ring

Maybe it's just me, but I figure if I drop something down a toilet, that's the Universe's way of telling me I don't need it any more. ADDENDUM: Inner Bitch notes a worrying trend relating to this (cough) unfortunate incident...
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Titled Links

Migraine's back, so I've been distracting myself with tracking down the source of those nice floating titles for linked text I've seen on some weblogs, Jay Allen's among them. The javascript, css and image (for the translucent grey background) are available here. So are instructions. Go crazy.
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Time now for a pity party, starring me. Please bring righteous indignation on my behalf (preferably bottled in 1996, though 1992 was also a good year) and sympathetic noises. There's been a massive building project going on just two blocks away since last April. I've been hearing the crane noises in my sleep for weeks, […]
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Calendar Follies

Had a migraine yesterday, so just a bit of surfing and reading and napping. Today finished off playing with the looks of this site, including getting the calendar to display in the date-based archives and 'flip' to show the right month. I'd tried this last June, but got all mixed up trying to adapt someone […]
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All Done

I can put away my little A Look at Canada booklet now, and cease mumbling under my breath the various rights and responsibilities a Canadian citizen is entitled/obligated to. The test itself was about on par with the one on the CBC website. In other words, much easier than the one in the back of […]
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