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Thank you, Mr Causley

Nola picked up a copy of The Economist today, and read bits of it to me while I fixed supper. She happened on the obituary page, which this week celebrates the life of Charles Causley, the Cornish poet, who died this last November 4th. It caught our ears, especially this quote from Recruiting Drive: Under […]
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Slashing for Dollars

Red Wolf of Pagan Prattle highlights a wonderful new innovation in Making Life Easier for Muggers: VeriChips! Once upon a time, when a high-strung stranger with a nasty disposition demanded your wallet, you gave it him and then he maybe beat you up for your shoes and that was that. Now, you'll still get beat […]
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Back to Normal

Except, of course, for the memories... (seen on a lit sign in the parking lot of the local supermarket in Penticton) HIGH QUALITY, AGGRESSIVE MEAT DEPARTMENT Wonder what the bakery section's like?
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Real Life Sucks Sometimes

We have a family emergency, and so will be on the road for a few days. Don't know if I'll be online much or not, depends on, well, lots of things.
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More Customs Madness

To be fair, if I'm going to note US Customs & Immigration over-the-toppiness, I cannot neglect that of other nations. This appeared in the New Zealand Herald's Monday morning edition: Australia subjects Clark* to bomb check Australia is suffering a major diplomatic embarrassment after customs officers searched Prime Minister Helen Clark for explosives. The incident […]
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