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I fell in love with English Bay on a foggy November day some years ago. On sunny days, the west coast is undeniably beautiful. On misty days, though, it is pure magic. Things I should work on in 2004: More coffee. Less beer. Get married. We've been living in sin quite long enough. Take down […]
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Snow in Vancouver

A most unusual experience, that snow should actually try to stick down here in the West End, where we're practically sliding off into English Bay. And it's still falling. Goodness.
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Reifel Visit

And who, having obtained a New Camera, could resist visiting the wildfowl sanctuary just a quick jog down the highway? Not me. (click little pics to see bigger pics) The Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, as I noted last September, is home to a few cranes, some hawks, herons, owls, and eagles, as well as an […]
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New Camera

Skookum Cat After much angst lasting over the last year, and a little research lasting altogether nearly a whole hour, I burnt a hole in my credit card down at London Drugs, picking up their last Nikon Coolpix5000 on Boxing Day (clearance sale price! whoo!). Nicked me for nearly $1,000 for camera, baggie thing, extra […]
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Merry Christmas

Happy Solstice! And a joyful mid-winter feastday to all. My mom's visiting, and as always, my workload cranks up at this time of year. Between the two, I've not had a lot of time for going online. But all the same, I hope everyone is having as fine a Christmas as we are.
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