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Party at Mike’s Place

Almost forgot to mention—it's Asteroid Appreciation Day today & tomorrow, I know that's actually two days, remember it's a programmer that's doing the counting, those guys start at zero when they mean to say one, it's kind of like the Brits' fixation on the second floor of a building being called the first, that sort […]
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Cat at a Dog Show

I've just gotten back from a dog show and have 130+ pics to sort. And there's still the lot from last week's ramble through Lighthouse Park, that are mostly sorted. The show was held in Cloverdale, in the (cough) Agriplex and is going on tomorrow if anyone reading this is nearby and at a loose […]
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Sr Columbus, India is Thataway

This just in: Stephen Harper once again finds both feet lodged firmly behind his tonsils by Sue Bailey. I must quote the whole thing, as I am almost beside myself with mirth. I am left to wonder if there might be some folks in the Harper organisation (if I may so call it) who are […]
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Power to the People

Once upon a time, not at all long ago as these things are measured, Dissenters were at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, especially as regards converting natural forces into power. I recall watching a series on television, think it was a James Burke thing, that examined the reasons and events that created […]
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Growing Up

I am debt-phobic. No, really, the idea of being in debt, owing money, substantial sums of money, gives me hives and keeps me awake nights, and as dog is my witness, I need my beauty sleep. So rather than invest in 401k's and RALFs or ROLFs or whatever the things were called, most of my […]
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