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Two for Spring

(more flower pictures)
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Do I Look Foolish?

I've been playing with aperture settings. And standing very, very still. In other news, the Universe is playing with me. I got a call today, on my work phone, from the Other Dyke, wanting to chat. Had I been to see The Passion, she enquired. (Have I mentioned that, in addition to being a gun […]
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A Pure Heart

Week before last, we noticed that most of the trees in the West End were flowering. This goes on for about a month in spring, trees popping into bloom, petals falling everywhere, forming pink and white drifts on the sidewalks and in the gutters, then the last petals drop, leaves bud, and that's that for […]
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Recipe Time

All the January pics are up. In the major theme of self-indulgence which permeates this entire site, I'd like to offer this recipe for soothing the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune: (Note: parts of this may only be possible in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, life sucks. No, I can't help you move. Have you […]
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Winter Pictures

The bulk of the pictures I took in Stanley Park in early January are going up in the photolog now.
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