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My Brain on METARs

You see that little weather section on the main page sideboard? You probably never even look, do you? It took me three months, off and on, of jacking about with Other People's Perl before I got that working. Every time the page is rebuilt, it trots off to the NWS server and downloads a weather […]
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WordPress Progress

(for those who care about this sort of thing, and all the ships at sea.) Movable Type is a great weblogging tool, with a ton of impressive features. It can be customized to a fare-thee-well. It is well-documented. Et cetera. I have never regretted using it. That said, I will soon not be using it, […]
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The Rest of Them

Macs aren't for everyone. Poor things. (Okay, back to playing with Word Press now.)
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Red Alert

Okay. So. Didja ever have that moment where you were looking at something and laughing so hard you could barely speak but you spoke anyway and what you said was, "I am so totally blogging this," huh, didja? Cos I just did.
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Reading the News

Now here's a headline you won't see every day: Convicted pedophile conducting choir; bishops displeased There's the barrel, and there's the fish inside. You may fire when ready.
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