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taking the piss

A friend of mine alerted me to an email being passed around the more blinkered of the neo-con circs. It reads like something once passed from hand to hand via mimeograph in Nixon's day; a Parable of The Little Red Hen who was so good and industrious and Republican, and then her lazy barnyard companions, […]
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industrial devolution

There's noise, and there's noise. I live in a city, so I have to put up with a certain amount. But there's times when it is beyond the pale, and between yesterday and today, I am —>this far<— from going postal. Instead, I'm gonna rant about it on the internet, naming names and uploading pictures. […]
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all over now

Looks like a minority Liberal government, and one that'll have to make nice with the NDP to get anything done. Either that or the Bloc Québécois, which is a bit like trying to get a conversation going with that guy at the end of the bar mumbling into his beer about visitors and velostat. Cutting […]
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don’t forget

A quick reminder: go vote.
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odd things in pictures

On the photolog front, a bit more progress has been made in posting pics from the Okanagan Grand Tour. These are of a burnt-out barn and a (not burnt, but recently flooded) kekuli on the grounds of a winery just up the road from our friends' house.
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