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a stranger to self

Nola passed on the url of this New Yorker article recently. Mr. Baum writes of the distress soldiers feel following killing, whether they've killed other (attacking) soldiers or civilians. His assertion is that this distress remains with the soldier until it is resolved, and further that army command structure is doing all it can to […]
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making progress

This past Sunday we nipped across False Creek and spent a few hours in the museum, where I took a few pictures of the real St. Roch. The staff were totally cool with me doing whatever I wanted, so long as I paid admission and got on the boat only when they were letting people […]
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ships and sealing wax

I have been busy; much to my chagrin, too much so to even notice the passing of days. While Nola was away I hauled out a project I'd been saving for just such an occasion – a scale wooden model kit of the St. Roch that my mother had gotten for me a couple of […]
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Back Roads

Nola will be home Friday or Saturday, we're thinking. Her dad is doing as well as can be expected, and there's some last arrangements to make that she's looking after. If you have children, look close. This is the child you want to raise. With the best will in the world, I haven't half her […]
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charles jenkins: jumped or pushed?

This item caught my eye late last week. According to most accounts, the US Army believes that he deserted his post, rather than being captured or kidnapped, even though his wife was herself kidnapped from Japan and no one questions that. Set against this are the personal recollections of those who knew him and that […]
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