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going for the gold

I've got some pictures uploaded, from our Pitt Lake walk last May Day, but I've not yet set up the entries for them. It's on the list. They're worth the wait, too. I've been painting, instead. The hull has been done three or four times already, but I've not been entirely happy each time, and […]
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mare ubiquitum

Finally, it's raining. And what better way to pass the time on a rainy weekend*, between laying down coats of paint, than in edifying oneself through the perusal of uplifting pamphlets and treatises of yore? In other words, surfing the web? From Remarks on Painting a Ship: Great pains should be taken in mixing the […]
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olympic sidenotes

Okay, I'm ready to start a boycott against The Little Blue Cow, until we all get an apology. Who's with me? Anyway, you just know that whoever billed them for those wastes of airtime is eating their hearts out over Bell Mobility's "we are all connected" wave.
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all the king’s horses

Cathedral Grove is one of the few remaining concentrations of old-growth forest left hereabouts, and as such, it's a serious tourist attraction. Tourists in cars. Lots of cars. The existing parking lot isn't up to it, according to the Liberal MLA from the area, so the provincial government's idea of a solution is to... Ayup. […]
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hull prep

Spent much of last week (when not healing) and this weekend sanding the hull and laying in putty, both to repair my inexpert planking and to simulate the bow plating. I don't know why the plate was left off the kit instructions; perhaps it was thought too difficult to include as a part or as […]
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