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chum before sharks

And while I'm here, you know what really ulcers my stomach? It's a child who, while benefitting from his/her forebears' moral courage, repudiates it. One of the critics, Blair Suffredine, MLA for the Nelson-Creston region, was born in 1951. The other, Jim Gouk, MP for BC's Southern Interior, was born in 1946. Both were of, […]
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something in the water

I've got glue drying on some fairleads on the davits, so thought I'd wander the ether a bit. Jim Elve posted a most sensible piece on Sudan this last Sunday, and included an editorial from the Indianapolis Star that set all my boggling cells a-quiver. Here 'tis, in its entirety, with responses: There is a […]
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osama longstockings

(via Electrolite) CNN (un)News reports "top U.S. military official in Afghanistan believes the al Qaeda leader is probably in Pakistan." Earth to Top US Military Officials: Good boys! Biscuits! Lord, it's like teaching pet rocks to swim. On the plus side, they never drown. (That's also the down side.) But if you let enough water […]
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nova scotia!

Nova Scotia joins the ever-widening fold, So that's Ontario, Québec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Yukon and now NS. Worth noting: Since 2001, the province of Nova Scotia had given gay and lesbian couples some marital rights through a domestic partnership registry. However, one of the couples in the suit before the judge had married in Ontario […]
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weighs the same as a duck?

In other wedding news from across the pond... Scotland's first state-sanctioned wiccan wedding: Canadians Paul Cameron Rickards, 37, and Laurie Schedler, 42, are to take part in the landmark ceremony in a vault beneath Edinburgh’s Old Town later this month. Followers of white witchcraft, also known as Wicca, have hailed the ceremony as a major […]
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