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Meddle not in the affairs of Bears, for thou art Tasty, and Runneth but Slowly.
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summertime pics

Long overdue updates to photolog are here and here. (Should Rana drop by, these two are for her.)
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epsom salt break

I am dead smack in the middle of ThankYouNote hell. And no, OF COURSE I don't mean to suggest, or imply, or in any way hint that the act of writing a simple thank-you to each and every one of the immensely kind and thoughtful people who troubled themselves with selecting and wrapping each and […]
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we’re back

and still married, so I think that counts as a successful honeymoon. Saw no large, omnivourous wildlife. Did see many kinglets, ravens, eagles, one jumping salmon, grouse, kingfishers and several dozen spiders. Also oysters (tide out) and lots of tiny shore crabs (catch and release). And mushrooms, a jillion varieties. A fall phenomenon of which […]
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it’s done

It was a wonderful ceremony and a fun party. The weather was perfect. Nola was beautiful. And now we're off to Tofino for a week! Thanks for all the kind wishes. May all of you be as happy as I am now.
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