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thou shalt not

My buddy sennoma posted a couple days ago about some pending Congressional bills that would make any right-thinking human being weep for the trees that were slaughtered to print them. Among them is this gem, which valiantly seeks to rescue the endangered Ten Commandments. I'm not clear on just what grave threat surrounds the Ten […]
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a day in the life

(Well, this may not be as un-geeky as many of you might prefer, but it is my life.) My employer is, as I've mentioned once or twice, based in the States. This means that when the US takes a holiday, business calls plummit, which isn't so bad in itself, those are easy, lazy workdays and […]
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maintenance: weeding the comments garden

UPDATE #2: added a line to the decoder function to ensure that numeric entities beginning with a leading zero are evaluated correctly; that is, strip the zeros so that chr() doesn't choke on them and return wildly incorrect translations. UPDATED: backslashes, necessary backslashes, keep disappearing from the code snippets in this post. I think I've […]
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got munchies?

We're number one! We're number one! Yay!
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new photos

Pictures from a short walk in Lighthouse Park at the beginning of October are now posted.
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