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enveloping mysts

Revelation, the new MYST game, is out, and on both Mac and PC, so no worries there. Run down to the store and give 'em your credit card. I got it along with a few other games when Nola gave me this new Mac (you have to get a couple new games with a new […]
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one of those days

This series of pictures is really too good to miss.
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merry christmas!

It's Christmas! It's Christmas! Wheee! What'd you get, eh? I got a couple of books, and a DVD, and muffin & cookie mixes, and fancied-up nuts. And that's on top of this very fine new Mac and several new games. My inner child is on a sugar rush from hell. Yesterday we went out and […]
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just a mac slut

Some months ago, last summer, maybe, I calculated out how old my current Mac laptop was and estimated when I should begin looking at a replacement, and how much money I should save toward that goal. Hardware doesn't last forever, after all. Well, not usefully. Useless hardware is immortal, but that's another subject. Anyway, I […]
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christmas tides

Well, it's coming on Christmas, there's reindeer in the breeze, dum te dum te dum... Who's on reindeer-mucking duty this week? Damn kids. We got a tree yesterday, Nola's stringing lights on it tonight. Okay, what she's really doing is chatting on the phone with someone, but she was industriously going round and round the […]
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