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and then the cops showed up

Even the best of movers leave chaos in their wake, and today was our day for going downstairs to the garage-turned-storage to wrest control of the confusion. We'd lugged several stacks of boxes out to the tarmac, just to get some room to turn around, and a short filing cabinet, and were just about to […]
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this modern age

We have a cell phone. Couldn't find it this morning, so we did the normal "can't find phone" trick: used the land line to ring it, and followed the tiny ting-a-ling to its source. The impulse to answer it was almost overwhelming.
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getting cozy hereabouts

For the last few weeks, we've been moving Nola's studio from the office downtown she's been in for lo these many, many years, to our apartment. Our not-very-large-at-all apartment. It's a lot like acquiring an invisible roommate, albeit one who doesn't keep strange hours or invite even stranger people to breakfast. But in the area […]
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why me mac, one part

This is a post about computers. Even if you don't like computers, particularly, maybe you'll like it anyway. I got my first computer back in 1983. It was from Radio Shack, and it didn't work. Unless lots of snow on the tv screen is considered 'working'. Which it might've been, then. Also, some of the […]
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it’s too early for the news

NOLA: So, what comes to mind when you hear the phrase, flying shrimp of death suit? ME (continuing heroically to work): Blankness. And a strong desire to think of something else. NOLA (beginning to read from her email, which I now strongly suspect of needing its spam rules updated): It seems there was this guy […]
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