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quo vadis

There's an interesting discussion in the comments to this Corpuscle post, in which Mitch Wagner makes a case for gays and lesbians being the 'new Jews' so far as the looney reactionary right is concerned: I've mentioned homosexuality a couple of times in this message, and I find myself talking about the subject a lot […]
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one good thing after another

Go here. Buy something.
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wanted: dark, semi-sweet, belgian

I may be one of the last people who should be preachifying, but hey, if Randall Terry can without being struck by lightning (and people say there's a god, now that is faith untroubled by works), why not me? Continuing with Revelations from the Bunny Grotto, what about the Deadly Seven, then, eh? Sinning is […]
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Happy Easter! As this fellow says, enjoy your chocolate and Jesus. I've been doing a whole lot of surfing lately. There's been a lot to read about. And I have to say that for one, no cerebral cortex = no one home, and two, if you wanna do more than pretend to respect someone's wishes […]
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good news, for a change

Tyler Pipe's been fined some $4.5 million for creating an environmental disaster. Least anyone chalk this up to Yet Another Texas-based Atrocity*, Tyler Pipe used to be a decent place to work before McWane**, who couldn't be more appalling if they grew their plant managers in Saruman's Orc-vats, bought them. In case anyone's forgot about […]
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