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tigers and trivia

My email spam is taking an almost frantic turn. "Your account has been violated!" Um, tut alors, dude. It's a defcon-alert step up from "Your account may have been used by unauthorized persons" but somehow I remain calm. Just this morning some kind soul wanted to let me in on a great deal: Macromedia Suite […]
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tiger trial

UPDATE: That went well. The Pismo and the Tiger can be friends. Guess it's time to do the AlBook. My old powerbook, a Pismo (G3, 500asif) has been sitting quietly in a hallway since January, waiting for us to get 'round to buying it a new battery. Which we've done, this last week, and I […]
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air flow

I. When God slipped into Mary (between the breathe in and the breathe out, inhale, exhale, inh—whoops! hi, God!), was she then God? Did she think God thoughts, say God words? When she married Joseph, and they said the wedding words, and drank the wedding wine, did he marry God, too? Months later, in the […]
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A friend of mine just got a new puppy, and to celebrate, set up a weblog to show off pics. Excessive cuteness warnings apply. Lord, I want a puppy, too. pretending to work while listening to Sunny Came Home from the album "A Few Small Repairs" by Shawn Colvin
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the ratzman cometh

Oh, how exciting! Our first Nazi Pope! And he has a fan club*, complete with Cafe Press kitsch. However, there's no suggestion he was personally involved in any atrocities. That, it would seem, is today's standard for religious leaders: haven't actually, personally, committed atrocities. In front of witnesses, anyway. * If that link's buggered, try […]
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