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calling the roll

They're voting now. C-38. All done. 158 for, 133 against. Same-sex marriage is now legal throughout Canada.* Enjoy your summer, Stephen. Don't get barbeque sauce on your tie. * okay, yeah, the Senate has to vote.
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reason number 1,832…

… why the Canadian Alliance Conservatives are also-rans. Harper should have seen this coming. It is, after all, his job. In a surprise move, and with a number of Conservative MPs missing, the Liberals marched out a rarely used obscure procedural motion to cut off all debate and force an immediate vote on the budget. […]
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now boarding: new brunswick

And just in time for Pride, too. Several church-based groups wanted to participate in the case, so the court would hear their point of view against same-sex unions. But the judge turned down their request for intervener standing, saying that her ruling, whatever it may be, would not prevent them from making their own choices […]
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for heavens’ sake, don’t mention the war

A friend of mine has, through offending some god or other, gotten her name carved in stone onto a GOP mailing list. Occasionally, she shares her pain with others, which is how I got a copy of this latest effort of theirs. And as long-term readers will know*, I sometimes talk to my mail… Yesterday's […]
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summer walks

In the "things I've been doing while not posting" category... More to come.
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