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sunday randomnimity

Things I have learned about having a puppy: If you feed him garlic, you will regret it. For at least a day. Every time he exhales. There are no prizes for snatching a single perfect pansy at the apex of the leap over the flower bed. Aside from the pansy, anyway. Teddy is the source […]
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puppy pictures

Isn't he precious? Isn't that just the stupidest question? Nevermindaboutthat, pictures of Cardhu, mostly taken at eight weeks old, are now up on the photolog. lullabying my puppy with Oh, Had I A Golden Thread from the album "In These Times" by Peter, Paul & Mary
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non-puppy content

So, in between fooling with the puppy and giving my life savings to the vet, what have we been up to, you wonder? Or maybe you don't wonder, maybe you read this weblog for the vicious, cutting political commentary. Maybe you're weird. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. Anyway, mostly what I've […]
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oh, yes. the vet.

UPDATE Parvo test negative. Yay! Cardhu has almost immediately lived up to his promise—he's exhibited something pricey for the vet to work on. I didn't post about this yesterday because I was all hysterical and freaking ("My baby! Someone save my baby!"). Today I am back to my cheery, optimistic self. Since he's come home, […]
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cardhu has entered the building

watching my puppy sleep while listening to Santiago from the album "The Mask & The Mirror" by Loreena McKennitt
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