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Happy Halloween!

We did pumpkins this year; I put a few photos of them on the photolog, since they are sure to be vandalized before too much longer. I did this one, and one more. Nola did the other. We set them up in a kind of triangle under the trees and bushes by the front entrance. […]
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one year on

Happy one year wedding anniversary to us! We are celebrating. Here is where we will be celebrating. Mmmmmmmm. folding clothes while listening to The Adventure of the Priory School from the album "Return of Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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home now

And glad of it. Nola is the most wonderful woman in the world, and Cardhu the most wonderful puppy, and Skookum the finest cat. wallowing in home comforts with Reel De Gaspél Les Guenilles from the album "Thousands Or More" by Tête á Tête
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travel travail

5:30pm: They lost my luggage. How, I don't know, there was only the one bag. But they managed. 7:45pm: Ah, now they've found it. 9:13pm: Or so they say. 9:55pm: There's rumours to the effect that it's even now in the hotel. 10:02pm: Lies, all lies. They but trifle with me. 10:16pm: It's here! It's […]
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blue yonder

I'm off on a business trip to sunny California today through mid-week. Since I work from home, and hence have a wardrobe geared more toward squeegee kid than corporate powerhouse, this meant that I had to quick like a bunny dash out to a store and drop a packet of cash. My goal was A […]
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