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snow day

It's snowing! First fall of the season here. Don't know that it will stick, of course. Cardhu'll go nuts if it does. I was just outside, watching it come down fast and thick. And marvelling again at the huge size of the hemlock in the neighbour's yard. It's big sucker, all right, blots out a […]
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appliance spam

My email of late has consisted rather more of processed meat product than, say, organic spinach. But this one raised even my jaded eyebrows: Hello! Well, hi back atcha! You have received that letter What letter? Where? Oh – you mean this letter. Why didn't you say so? because your e-mail is in the list […]
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thinking outside the box

Happy Hour news: Tim Louis, COPE incumbent running for another term on Vancouver's city council, thinks Vancouver should open one or two non-profit brothels*. Non-profit? WTF? I say, charge all the traffic will bear, and rake it in! Make 'em pay through the nose. Literally through their noses – make the johns swallow the money […]
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news and weather back again

You may have noticed, or perhaps not, that the weather and news ceased showing up on the sidebar a few weeks ago. My site provider had done something, and while I did not know what, I thought it would right itself, so I let it be. It was actually kind of depressing. I dislike sending […]
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Today was Remembrance Day. Pipe bands and poppies. The Great War. End all wars and all that. Why else endure so much—the appalling death toll, the even more appalling suffering toll, where people hurt unto death took days and weeks to finish dying? Mustard gas and machine guns. Leaving home surrounded by your friends, everyone […]
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