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now with eighty percent more cardhu

We finally got library cards last Friday, mostly in an effort to choke off the flood of money piped straight from our bank accounts to the bookstore. First checkout: Horatio Hornblower videos! Savings: $29.95, or thereabouts. Well, if I don't forget to return them. Or run out and buy them on DVD cos they're really […]
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browser un-wars

I'm playing around with the idea of reverting to Safari as my browser-of-choice. My main attraction to Firefox all this time has really been the Adblock plugin, which makes it possible for me to view commercial sites without getting headaches and generally overwhelmed by all those godawful blinking pictures and flashy ads. I don't know […]
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wednesday book reading

The Wizard of Oz, Chapters 17 through end The last set of chapters from The Wizard of Oz are ready for download. If they've brightened any corners, great! watching the rain fall while listening to Amaliya from the album "Homeland" by Miriam Makeba
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I need a drink

CBC just called it for the Conservatives. Congrats, Canada—you want a government of prissy dominatrices, you got one. Oh, and Mr Layton, don't you come round here wanting anything from me ever again. I'd set a dog on you, if I were were the kind of person to keep that kind of dog.
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polling day, again

Conservatives are secret drinkers. Conservatives are secret fuckers. Conservatives are secret haters. Conservatives do everything in secret except pray. I just had to get that off my chest. puttin' on my voting boots while listening to the finale from the album "Canada: A People's History" by CBC Television
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