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oh, now, this is just too cool

I don't know if I should file this under "design aid" or "vanity". to get a pic of your own site, or anyone else's, as rendered by Safari, go here.
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on bloody marys and raging prophets

PM attacks South Park New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clark, an avowed agnostic, said today that she found a television cartoon offensive in its depiction of a statue of a menstruating Virgin Mary. … "It comes down to issues of taste and judgement," she said, adding: "From what I've heard of it, I consider it […]
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be my valentine

I'll follow you anywhere.
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watching the olympics (while chewing gum)

How 'bout them half-pipe kiddies, eh? They're so cute! They look like ewoks. Damn, between the luge and the downhill, you'd think they were trying to free up some rooms in the athletes' village. "Ow, that's gotta hurt" is not a phrase I associate with Olympic events normally. Is it me, or is there some […]
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go play outside

As you know, Bob, (or maybe you don't, not sure if I've mentioned it here) we got season passes to the cross-country area of Cypress Mountain. Which is actually on Hollyburn and Strachan mountains, there is no "Cypress Mountain" but these are quibbles. Unless you're a geographer or cartographer or simply generally pedantic. Which is […]
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