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It has been a long time since I've lived in a house with a yard full When we moved into this house, last August, the bushes were full of garden spiders, the orb-weavers, the ones with pretty paisley patterns on their backs. We learned very quickly to walk down the walkways by the side […]
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Some days…

I was working on a document in Word a little while ago; I had just finished and was about to save. Word crashed. I reopened it, rewrote the material, saved it. Told it to print. The printer jammed. Three times in a row. On the fourth try the printer refused to even try to pick […]
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(I didn't want to say anything till she was ready, lest the pressure from all the cards and letters become overwhelming and cause her to chuck it all and make a new life as a nun in Nepal, but she's all on fire today. Our new correspondent: my partner Nola, aka enjay! —pericat, still chief […]
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just a tory boy, sittin around talkin

And it's another beautiful day in North Van! Of course, the weekend was wet and miserable, but that's just because God knows we're a disgusting hotbed of socialism. In the news today, noted thinker and Member of Parliament Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon), having opened his mouth the other day and giving us all a view of […]
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I don’t blame ya

If you don't check this site much after the last month. Time to catch up! From a letter to my mum: Cardhu has been Impossible Puppy lately, at least so far as respecting the fences around the garden plots goes. And we are beyond astounded at the amount of rotting wood bits he can find […]