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we have met art, and it is us

The things that drop e'er so daintily into my mailbox... Is modern art off its head? Back in grad school, my co-conspirators and I once spent a few days on the always-timely question: what is Art? We kept it simple, of course. Art, we decided, hangs on the wall is shorter than 5' 4"* is […]
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Huh. And here I thought Americans were republicans, not monarchists.

Guess I was wrong.
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Someone just committed suicide. Think about it: what could drive a person to such an action? Despair? An unbalanced mind? Not according to the Pentagon. Not if you're a prisoner at Guantanamo. Harris said the joint suicides were clearly planned by the detainees as a way to advance their cause in the war on terror. […]
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No Way Out

On the news last night there was an item about the new Armed Forces Bill in Britain. This bill apparently will impose a life sentence on anyone in the military who deserts or refuses to fight in a specific military action. An attempt to amend the bill by changing the sentence to 2 years has […]
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Good Girls

While waiting in a dentist's office yesterday, I picked up last week's issue of Time Magazine. The cover story was on the Dixie Chicks. The article reviewed their history and asked whether anyone would buy their newest album, of which they said "you probably won't hear a better adult pop album this year." If you […]
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