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blink and miss

I think we had summer. Boy, that sure was a stinking hot week, eh? This message has been brought to you by The Annoy the Hell Out of My Southern Relatives Society.
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…and smaller

For many years I had an office in an eight story building on the corner of Pender and Homer Street. It is an old building, with no air conditioning, and so in the summer the windows at either end of the hall are often left open. I have a vivid memory of the day I […]
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big, bigger…

Thing are different in North Van than in the West End. (Well, yes, but in other ways.) Bigger bugs, for example. I have never seen craneflies this size; I wasn't at all sure they were actually the same species as the ones that I'm familiar with. Last night a moth landed on a screen door, […]
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noblesse oblige

So Nola and I were talking this afternoon, it's hot and her car is in the shop and we're trying to make sure we have everything we need to make supper without turning on the oven. She's been talking to her old friend H—, a biologist (among other things), and telling him about the hummingbird […]
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This house came with three rose bushes, two in back and one in front. Little pink climbers, that bloom in clusters, no scent to speak of. Earlier this year, I was watching the one in front. It's next to another bush of some kind, that grows up and out in great shoots, sending out branches […]
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