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one snark or two?

(Nola read this book review to me over coffee in the backyard this morning.) As America searches for any joy in the fiasco it has made of Iraq, it can at least be proud of serious and brave reporters like Mr Ricks—among whose fine observations is the novel fact that few American troops now care […]
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no title here

I can't think of oysters without thinking of Susan. I can't think of oysters, see them on a menu, in an ice-filled bin in the store, or see their shells washed up on the shore, without thinking of how Susan smiled and laughed and joked as she dug into a platter of oysters, oysters, oysters, […]
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shall i eat a peach?

Happy Birthday to me! Nola hid prezzies all over the house this morning, early. Two sips of coffee, and I'm already running up and down stairs on a scavenger hunt.
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