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It’s NOT all about you, dammit

Today I paid my bills. My MasterCard bill always comes loaded with advertising inserts, and this was no exception. Normally I don't even look at them, they go straight into the recycle, but for some reason, this time, one insert caught my eye. "We will print a story book about YOUR CHILD," it announced boldly. […]
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you will claw your ears right out of your head

Seriously. not listening nah nah nah with Sail Away from the album "Syrens" by Saint Elmo's Choir
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skelly in the liquor closet

You've heard of Night Train, right? Nola hasn't, and I really don't want to be the only one who ever has, that means I read trashier novels than everyone else, and I've never read anything by Danielle Steele, which would mean her sales figures are a lie, and wouldn't that be a shock to her […]
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