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out with the old, in with the new

We are here some of the last to see in the coming year. It is dark and past dark already, of course, but the promise of the solstice has never been broken yet, so I know the light will return. This last month has been horribly busy; there's been much to do and some things […]
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tech stuff (will drive you crazy)

My mom called the other day, a happy-christmas-did-you-live call, and mentioned that her monitor had done a fizzle-pop thing just then, and (as you'd imagine from hearing it'd fizzle-popped) gone Dark. And that she'd have to wait till the extremely devout Christian computer people in her town, the ones who've held her hand for lo […]
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all the posts I didn’t make

Which would you rather have in your stocking: coal, or unwrapped peanut brittle? I'm just curious. I don't have any plans or anything. Stephen Maturin is the sexiest ugly man in fiction. There's an argument to be made for him being the sexiest man, period. Christmas music makes me really tense these days. What's the […]
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