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The promise of the innernest is once again fulfilled to a 't'. Go here. The Buddha is in that site.
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my gorge will rise again

How special is this? The great state of Colorado has the proud distinction of being the first slave state the Union has known in over a hunnerd years. Lord knows what they'll do for an encore. Rescind the vote for everyone except landowning white men, probably.
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Will you have gravy with that?

Somedays you get handed things on a silver platter... with a nice serving fork to boot. Today it was this website. Tom Palmer is a Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, and a director of Cato University. His publishing credentials include an article for the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy […]
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in rage

This is me, normally: This is becoming me, normally: This "getting older hormone shift" crap is a sick joke and proof there is no god. This is what I said to Nola yesterday: Get out of my office and stay out and if you move an inch I'll cry. Even fucked up, I know that's […]
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the news, as seen by moi

During the good part of the news, I'm usually washing dishes and pulling supper together. Tonight we're having Pretty Good White Girl Burritos, so while the stuff about the farmworkers turned into corpses on the highway this morn went on, I was loading the pot with black beans and spices and recollecting that I'd recently […]
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