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autumn is icumen in, or agehen out, one

The maple tree in front has done it again. Dropped an inponderably vast weight and bulk of leaves all the last three weeks. And it rained and rained, and they piled up from curb to border. Wet leaves. Heavy, wet leaves. It does that on purpose. I don't think it's actually malicious, but it is […]
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a dashing of dreams (with coffee)

I woke up this morning to find some anonymous soul was eager to assist me in becoming a better porn star. It was the word "better" that made me open it. I had no idea my 'terrible porn star' rep had spread so widely; I had thought it confined to a severely limited circle of […]
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anniversary note

Nola designed these. The Christmas before we got married, she framed for me a watercolour sketch of the preliminary design, as an IOU. Eventually, she said, with a bit more in the bank, she'd shop the jewellers and find one to do the work. Yesterday was our third anniversary. And those are the rings.
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happy thanksgiving from the soggy north

We're off to sunny Princeton for Thanksgiving! Taking Cardhu, since the car's so spacious and all. Le hissing chat will stay behind with extra crunchies; Neighbour will check a couple times to make sure she's not knocked them all behind the bookcase as I fully expect her to have done by nightfall. Back Sunday morn. […]
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