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letter from Carl, to Miss Oma Lea

I don't know who Carl was, or why my grandmother saved this letter. Perhaps for the sake of the pictures? It's the last line that makes me wonder. The 2nd Battalion was stationed in China during the Chinese Civil War, along with the 14th Infantry and forces from other nations. Their purpose was to guard […]
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blood for oil: older than you think

Robert Newman's excellent stage show draws the lines between the dots.
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buying a house!

I think we're to the point now, where we can say, we're buying this house: An acre and a half. A pond. Somewhere toward the back, wetlands. On Gabriola Island. And that house! We'll be moving in August sometime. There's a lot to do. There's a lot to look forward to, though. culling junk for […]
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feline terror

A couple of weeks ago, Nola took Skookum to the vet for her annual shots. Which was just loads of fun all by itself, but anyway. She'd been acting a bit peculiar for some months, that is to say, she'd refrained from biting me when I scritched her ears and was otherwise noticably more affectionate. […]
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