6:28 pm

orders of boxes, composed while packing

(as inspired by another infinite list)

Boxes of ...

  • necessary books
  • loved books
  • unread books, with beautiful covers
  • read books, with scarcely any covers left
  • things one is obliged to cherish
  • things one cannot imagine living without
  • books shelved out of sequence, three moves past
  • clothes that fit
  • clothes that must fit someone, somewhere
  • clothes that one means to wash
  • clothes that one inherited under dubious circumstances
  • pillows, that can be balanced on a finger
  • things requiring a tool, which itself is packed in a different box
  • things one abhors, but which one's partner adores beyond reason
  • things one hopes will be broken in transit
  • unlabelled cables, with fascinatingly obscure markings
  • undrinkable wine
  • almost-finished whisky bottles, whose labels are so pretty one cannot bear to pour the last ounce just yet
  • things forgotten since the last time they were packed in a box
  • things kept only because one has run out of time for a last trip to the dump
  • things the movers do not need to know anything about, beyond "fragile" and "bedroom"
  • things needed several days before they are unearthed

And more:

  • Boxes with labels of transient clarity.
  • Boxes still sealed from the last move.
  • Boxes made of several boxes taped together.
  • Boxes that, when opened, make one's partner cry.
  • Boxes whose labels will fall off, and which will be opened by the wrong person.
  • Boxes sporting suspicious teeth marks.
  • Boxes of boxes too pretty to break up for the recycle bin.
  • Boxes used as tables for the first week.
  • Boxes upon which one stubs one's toes in the dark.
  • Boxes that, when opened, inspire New Year's resolutions.
  • Boxes mistaken for boxes packed years ago.
  • Boxes one cannot lift, packed by a helpful friend.
  • Boxes that, when opened, make one cry.
  • Boxes that cannot be unpacked for an indefinite period, as they are supporting the kitty litter out of reach of the dog.

resting from packing and listening to Angel From Montgomery from the album "Road Tested" by Bonnie Raitt

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