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o come, holy spit

W00t! Christmas! I made it to another one. Yay, me. Loot tally for this time round: a v. nice leathern belt, suitable for holding up v. nice slacks, of which I currently have none. However, now have I nice belt, so perchance soon will be nice slacks. Also, a wondrous sketch pencil, actually a lead-holder, […]
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I am overcome by the amount of snow that is blanketing my near vicinity. Seriously, outside of ski resorts I've not seen this sort of thing since I was a kid in Germany. I'm beginning to feel a bit oppressed, you know, these four, um, five, uh, okay six - possibly twelve walls depending on […]
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snow brigadier!

My contribution to snow! art!      
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really quite a lot of snow

Woke up this morning to darn near a foot of snow covering everything. Cardhu, of course, wanted to go outside right away, and stay there! except when he got cold, then it was inside and work the snow balls free from his legs, and isn't it time to go back outside now? Huh, huh, pretty […]
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snow day!

Snow yesterday, too, but it didn't stick so much. Certainly looked serious, all heavy and big flakes, falling all round the guys we got to clean out our gutters. Me, personally, I was astounded they were all gung-ho to shimmy up ladders and root through the forty-leven gutters we got, all the while freezing rain […]
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