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surely you could just keep a journal?

Like, in your nightstand? And cross-ref it with a freebie calendar from the Salvation Army or the World Wildlife Federation? I mean, you might get laid some night when the internet is down, and then what would you do?
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I wrote my mum a long chatty email, like I do often, and you know who she likes best? Nola, that's who. And for why? Because Nola answers Mummy's emails straight off. I just thought that needed to be said.
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#queryfail, or the art of hearing criticism

Queryfail happened yesterday on Twitter. It was, essentially, a day in the lives of several writer's agents and publishers, going through their mail for the day, and talking/tweeting about where they stopped reading and why. Real-time, gut-level critiques are the hardest to hear. They're the shake of the head at a cattle call, the "too […]
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