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Frog Patrol

As previously mentioned, we have a pond. The pond has frogs. Every day I do frog patrol once or twice—walking around doing a count. My record so far is 12 red-legged frogs. I'm sure there were more—these are brown frogs sitting on mud, after all. There have been fewer of them recently, probably partly because […]
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Stalking Prey

Now that we have a house with a pond and a fair bit of "wild" land attached to it, not to mention an undeveloped empty lot to one side (i.e. forest) we see more variety in our wildlife. We have a pond full of frogs, and consequently we have a number of garter snakes hunting […]
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Little Mysteries

My parents always had a vegetable garden and bit of a flower garden, so I do recognize some common domesticated plants. I also have an interest in wildflowers, so I recognize some of those. But when you're not a gardener, and the garden you're acquired has kinda run wild, it's like a treasure chest, and […]
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inching toward summer

Another spring! At last. Will wonders never cease, and so forth. I'm still going about in teeshirt plus sweatshirt layers, but in theory, it's now spring. The ducks sure think so, same with the frogs. Earlier this month you couldn't hear God think out on our porch of an evening, what with all the sex-crazed […]
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