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Okay, I won’t harvest this lettuce today.

I estimate its body was half an inch long.
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The World’s Tiniest Onion

Yesterday while we were giving the doglet his chase-the-ball-obsessively-at-the-beach time I noticed a tiny shell at my feet, and picked it up. I thought it was just a small bivalve, but it turned out to be a snail shell, miniscule and paper-thin. I've looked it up since then, and it's some kind of bubble shell. […]
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song of the duck

Earlier this spring we spotted a mother duck with eight fluffy chicks on the creek/slough that splits our property here. The next day she was down to five, and then four... it's a hard old world sometimes. Turtles can live to 150, so I hear, but most only see an hour or two. It was […]
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My new ride. So I hand over my credit card, get my receipts, strap on my helmet, find the keys, and Nola's saying, "Okay, I'll meet you back in the ferry line-up." "Um, Nola? Which way is the dock from here?" I read about electric scooters on the ætherwebs until my eyes bled. I searched […]
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