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Hummingbird tongues

Over the last couple of days I've spent a fair bit of time with the binos watching the hummers at the feeder, especially just before dusk. Rufous, mostly, possibly an Anna's—it's kind of hard to tell the females apart. The reclining chair is a convenient viewing platform: sit and read, glance up, focus binos, watch […]
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canoe outing of the season! Yes, it's true - we unwrapped the tarp off the canoe last Sunday, loaded it onto the car, bade the dog farewell and nipped out Descanso Bay for a leisurely paddle round an exposed reef. It was just a tad windy, but otherwise nice. We stopped on the reef and […]
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trial by battel

I've picked up an app for my iPod that lists significant stuff that happened in ye olde times on whatever date, "On This Day" I think it's called, If I can avoid being distracted I'll gin up a link. So anyway, on this very day in 1818 "The case of Ashford v Thorton was concluded, […]
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it’s just huge

And glossy. And the screen is roughly twice as big as my old one was. I'm talking about my new iMac. It arrived last week, in a box I thought sure was overpacking. It wasn't. It took both of us to get it upstairs. 27" screen. I have to turn my head to see one […]
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Oh, look.

... at what's in our garden. This is a fairy slipper or calyso orchid: calypso bulbosa. Calypso—which means "concealment"—was the daughter of Atlas, a nymph hidden in the woods found by Ulysses on the island of Ogygia. I was weeding yesterday (long overdue) and suddenly realized that in the midst of all those nasty exploding-pod […]
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