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enjay’s got her own weblog!

Look for her at microfishing in the world pool, where she's now writing as skadhu. As for here, well, guess I'll have to suck less.
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The Sleeper Agent

Orphan is doing well, coming when called, scarfing up food. A clever, sneaky little bugger. (I think, from the look of the fledging feathers, that he's likely to turn out to be a male. So from now on I'll call it "he.") Ducky brought her Horde down the slough; Orphan was already there. I was […]
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in care of who, again?

My new US passport came in the mail the other day. Addressed so: [my name] c/o CANADA [street, town, postal code] It's kind of sweet, in a creepy sort of clueless way.
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This is Orphan

About a week ago, a duckling got lost. It appeared that its family had decamped for another part of the slough/pond/swamp, and it had somehow got left behind—at any rate, that morning Peri saw it running across from the pond to the slough, peeping frantically. No luck finding Mom. It stayed at our end of […]
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