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My birthday is next week. I am on holiday till then. Let the games begin! Tonight I am on the deck, enjoying late afternoon sun while Cardhu gnaws a bone just behind me. He's inside, I'm out. I am out here with an iPod and a book my mother gave me for my 19th birthday, […]
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speaking of flight

I'm having a red-letter day, I am. I was out on the back porch, and there was Orphan in the pond, looking a bit like he/she was having a fit. Suddenly, in a great flurry he flapped his wings and flew! It's true he almost immediately crashed into the gladioli, but still! It was like […]
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flight of the turtle

I downloaded updates to a few of the apps on my iPod this morning. A note-taker, web browser, ebook reader, audiobook player... shakespeare... what else? Nothing that interesting really, my iPod could be lent to the nearest nun without a a qualm. So I was a bit taken aback with the dialogue box insisting I […]
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coping with heat

In a fit of uncharacteristic braininess, I suggested stringing a tarp over the deck outside our bedroom last week. This is the side of the house that gets afternoon sun, and at this time of year, gets depressingly hot. Nola dug out a tarp, we have lots, we used to go camping more often, and […]
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canadian please!

A late but well worth waiting for Canada Day bit of fun...
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