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There's an orb spider spun a web worthy of Charlotte outside. Its tethering lines are better than six feet long; the web itself is densely formed and still is near dinnerplate size. I am so very impressed with the level of optimism, ambition, and at bottom, her assertion of her right to take her place […]
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you can’t make this stuff up

I've finally picked my jaw back up off the floor and realigned it to the rest of my face after reading all about the trials and tribulations of Her Honour Lori Douglas of Manitoba. When all's said and done, the thought I'm left with is, if you can't trust your partner not to fuck you […]
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bashing wood

About a month ago I was rooting around in the crawlspace, doing damage to my knees that'll never come good in this lifetime, and on a whim drug out an armful of lumber someone had stuck in there years back. I was curious if it was in any kind of shape since last winter we'd […]
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tracing one warm tangential line

The headline I saw was Fuel tanker runs aground in Northwest Passage . Back when I first moved to Canada, some of my friends felt that my education needed expanding, to put it mildly. When at the end of an evening of supper and merriment our guest Judy began singing Northwest Passage, and Nola joined […]
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