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new life for old Mysts

In the waning light of 2004, I made a little note about some updates available for the Myst game series, with, y'know, cool screenshots and entertaining commentary. And the year turned and turned, life went on, OSes changed their stripes for spots, and then splurged for a bleach job, and next thing you know, none of those games would launch.

Well, heck. Game developers having the attention span of my dog, as a rule, few can be persuaded to put any time into updating an older game. They're too busy working on games for this year's Macs and next year's graphics cards. Usually I just heave a tiny sigh and let fall a single tear before frisbeeing those discs at the cat, but Myst is different, and seems I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Herewith, then, are the links to updater/wrapper/launchy bits that brainy obsessive Myst aficionados have created to sort the glitches that prevent the games from launching under Snow Leopard:

from Gannet7, who does not appear to have a website under that name, are re-installers for realMyst, Exile, Revelation and End of Ages. Go here. Gannet7 is very cool.

The Exile fix did not clear up my sound stutter problems, which are apparently the result of having more processor cores than I know what to do with. So I had to back out of that and retrieve the 10th anniversary install of Exile, and add the fix from Pyramid Productions.

As for Riven, aka Myst II or "The Sequel", that's gone feral. You can find a wrapper/launcher thing at the Riven X site.

Do note that I rifled through forum posts and waded hip deep in strange cookies before deciding to download and run any of the above. So, um, you might want to do that. Or not.


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