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another christmas

We have made cookies by the pound. Found a nice little tree and hung shiny baubles on it, that glitter in the flashing coloured lights. Wrapped stuff for each other in pretty papers, and for far others in more servicable cardboard. And walked and walked and walked. And every evening stopped by our out-of-town friends’ […]
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so close, and yet so far

Seen all around Folklife Village: Santa Clause Is Coming
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from the government, here to help

Wanna know when this showed up? Give you a hint: it wasn’t before I’d entered a buttload of data into several screens’ worth of forms.
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awkward moment

You know how when you’re in the shower and you look over at the towel you use to keep water out of your eyes and there’s blood on it and you can’t decide if it’s your eyes bleeding or your nose or what, and then you know it’s your nose, cos wow, and you think, […]
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morning fixes

Nola let me know last night that I’d forgot once again to fix the subscription feeds links. I think they’re sorted now; if you subscribe to this site, and I’d be shocked to hear anyone but Nola does, you should see this entry pop up in your feed lists. Go, me.
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