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blue whale

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there he goes!

Outside just now, and a great cawing. Crows, wheeling about in the pinetops. One flew across my sight, very fast, through the branches, pulling up and out well away. I could see his wings beat as he went by. They looked calm, deliberate, and he must have been going twenty miles to the hour. I […]
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as that walrus said

The time has come. I’ve reduced my citizenship weblog to a single html page, preserving the outbound links and not much else. While it still got a lot of traffic, most of those incomers would be better served by going to the atlas of canada directly, or to the government’s own citizenship resources. And as […]
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so lonesome i could cry

Well, almost. The wind is up, the rain is fiercely down, the ferries aren’t running and so Nola is stuck in Vancouver for another night. And me with a case of beer and thawed chicken breasts ready to construct revelry and supper. Here’s hoping the power comes back on, at the least. Otherwise I will […]
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me and wikipedia

are both back up. We’re like twins.
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