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bits and pieces

I’ve ordered the new iPad, and just mentioning that should do wonders for cranking up the spam bot attention my little corner of the internet receives. I’m nine parts all wowzers and one part could-I-be-more-pathetically-materialistic. I have one of the originals, but the new one has a better screen, more memory, better processor, better battery, front and back cameras, and I use the damn thing every single day.

So… Whatever shall I name it? wars with Irresponsible! with a meta-overlay of Liberal guilt is seriously self-indulgent and I can hardly get from upstairs to down and still remember what I wanted to do, or even get from one end of a sentence to the other. I do hope my superego calms the fuck down soon.

We are coming to the close of Ten Days With Dobby, who in this case is not actually a house-elf* but a small black dog belonging to friends who have gone off on a ski trip. They get snow, we get Dobbers. He is a real charmer; comes on a run, dances around when invited to do something, always seems perfectly content and happy. I will miss him when he goes back home after this weekend.

Lastly, the weather is being dragged kicking and screaming toward Spring, and about time. It is mostly warm enough to go outside and do yardwork. Current project, aside from hardhack clearing, which is more a lifestyle choice than a project, is to take off enough willow branches to ensure Nola’s garden still gets some sunshine. Speaking of which, I need to tie my shoelaces and gather my saws and get out there.


* Can you imagine the liberal guilt if he were a house-elf? And at the same time “oh my god, my life is solved!” It is no wonder I thought of him when writing about ordering an iPad.

In the first Harry Potter book, when Harry asks Hagrid why the wizarding community has to stay secret, Hagrid tells him that if they didn't, everyone would want magical solutions to their problems. And there was me, staring at the page and screaming (just in my head, though) “And that would be bad, why? Effing selfish gits, the lot of you!”

It’s really, really, noisy in here most days.

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