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a small request

Leigh Ann Milman, I love you:

The conservancy wishes to simply ask that people… if at all possible, think twice or take a second look at whether or not it is in fact imperative or absolutely necessary, or in a word, or perhaps a phrase, no better yet a turn of phrase; in fact, didn’t someone already say, Thoreau perhaps, with all that pond business or Shakespeare, surely Shakespeare would have said it or certainly had something to say about it; he always had such a brilliant way — such insight into human behaviour — could people, if they were poised and ready, just about to, well, hold themselves back, and in the words of one eminent scientist, Rachel Carson, not her exact words but certainly her overall passion and her clear sentiment, which went well beyond mere sentimentality into a kind of precision and rigour in defence of something no less than almost everything, when it comes right down to it, the natural world, and of course there has been a succession of poets, great artists, scientists, activists — even Einstein himself in the fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki coming out with that fabulous statement — and one really hopes that he meant it, about everything being connected and how much we need to have love for all creatures equally on earth; and Gandhi of course, with his illumination, who points out that the way in which a society treats animals is a measure of that culture’s compassion — it’s altogether a rather deep well, an endless waterway, tears mixing with fresh water, saltwater, the ocean, the rivers, the mountains, the meadows, the green bliss tempting the abyss… defer any tree cutting until the birds have finished nesting.

Leigh Ann Milman

Gabriola Land Conservancy


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